Software Matters... Ever it!

Everoduction allows you to Discover, Share & Organize almost anything related to software: from open source projects and proprietary software, source code, frameworks & libraries, plugins and components, extensions, utilities and tools... and to games, tutorials and latest programming news.

They key principle behind Evereq is to allow user to select best presentation for content using various different Widgets from our Marketplace. is powered by Evereq Platform and is the first site in our growing network of diverse communities.

Service is currently in active development and we call current stage as 'early stage prototype', 'pre-alpha' and so on. Just so you know :D

Everology (Terminology used on

We use some words & terms that in context are given specific meanings. Will be cool if you start using them too.

  • Ever - something that was "Stored" (shared, saved) on site, powered by Evereq. Other sites may call it "Pin", "Tweet", "Stick", "Post", etc... Image, Video, File, Software, Source Code, ANYTHING!
  • ReEver - when our members see some cool Ever, they can copy it (clone) to own collection of Evers (we call this action as "ReEver", other sites call it "RePin","ReTweet", "RePost" etc) and can even later change it someway.
  • Evereq™ - the name of our platform & network of sites powered by it. Sometimes it is used to describe person (man or women) who have fun using our services.
  • Evereqs™ - our community, i.e. all that crazy people who get addicted to Evereq services.
  • to Nail (verb), Nailing - means process when Ever or whole Everboard nailed to some Everboard. This way our Evereqs connect Evers to each other.
  • Everorama - collection of all Evers & Everboards given Evereq have Nailed using our service. I.e. basically result of that crazy addicted behavior, usually very different for every selected Evereq...

How works

In Short: Just type or past some Url of content (for example Github repo Url) with some description text into our magic input box, press "Go" button or type Enter key and review one or more candidates for your Ever. Select one you like, press "Ever" button and it's done.

After Ever is created, you and other users can search it, ReEver it, organize Evers inside Everboards (Nail Evers) and much much more!

Get it? Ok, now how it works inside.... for example with Github repos?

Suppose you enter in our magic input box and get Ever we show on the right. How it was done?

For each repository you try to Ever (url of it on Github), grab some data from Github (using Github Public API) and search for some additional project related data in other sources. This way you are able to 'preview' interesting GitHub projects and even view or add demos and images to them.

You may also nail multiple Evers into other Ever(s) and this way create cool "Everboards", which purpose is to organize different related Evers together.

For example you may nail many Twitter Bootstrap related projects Evers into single Everboard ("Twitter Boostrap" Everboard), which itself nailed into another Everboard ("Programming") and so on.

We plan to grow site to add abilities to Ever Code repositories from other projects hosting platforms, such as, Google Code and much more developing tons of different Widgets ourselves and within our community.

Our Widgets

Today you may Ever Github repositories, jsFiddle code samples and even Hacker News posts using our own Widgets or Upload and Ever own files.

You can also Ever almost any other content using more than 250 providers available via services.

Feel free to get more information about Widgets and be ready to make your own in the future!

More interesting information about and Evereq network